1 1 2 pages paper

You are tasked with finding a problem solving model that is not the IDEAL model. there are man models available online. Most problem solving models evolve from some specific setting (education, workplace, quality improvement, etc). In the paper you will describe the model and the context from which it comes. explain how the model works, including as much detail as possible. After describing the model and its context, the final part of the paper will address your evaluation of the model. What are its strengths and weaknesses? Would it work in carious settings, or is it too specific to apply? How does this compare with the IDEAL model? what do you think?


Minimum 1 1/2 pages

12point front, double spaced

Include a heading that includes your name, the course, and date

Works cited/ bibliography page

This being a reflective paper, writing in the first person is absolutely appropriate

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