20 survey questions criminal justice

For this assignment, you are required to design a survey instrument. This requires not only for you to compose good survey questions, but also organize them appropriately, and format them correctly into an aesthetically pleasing questionnaire.

For this assignment, you are required to compose at least 20 survey questions. You should base these survey questions off of the hypothesis you developed in Assignment 3. When you submit this assignment, please provide your hypothesis/research question in the comments section.

You can include demographic questions as well as questions pertaining directly to your independent and dependent variables as identified in your research question/hypothesis. Make sure your survey:

  • Is free of the common errors discussed in class (and your text)
  • Flows well
  • Correctly identifies the levels of measurement for each question (in parentheses at the end of the question)
  • Is aesthetically pleasing
  • Provides clear instructions for respondents so they would know exactly how to answer your questions.

NOTE: you will not be using the survey, you just need to design it – DO NOT survey anyone – that would require IRB approval.

You are required to submit this questionnaire/survey instrument as a Word Document.

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