aesthetic experience and critical analysis essay assignment

Aesthetic Experience and Critical Analysis Essay Assignment


See the Aesthetic Experience Essay Rubric.


Use all of the resources in Course Content as well as your textbook to guide your writing. Follow the prompts in the appropriate worksheet from the Aesthetic Experience Materials area in this module. Apply the skills you’ve developed throughout the course in researching and evaluating works from the humanities. (Optional: SPC Student ID. Many events and museums offer discounts for students)


Throughout the course you have applied the practice of critical analysis to a variety of works from the humanities. This assignment is the capstone of the lessons and activities you’ve completed in this course.

For this assignment you will physically attend an art museum, dance concert, musical performance, or theatrical production (a play or musical play) in your local community. [Note: Cinema / film is not an option for this assignment]


Before the Experience (Do These Steps EARLY in the Semester)

1. View the Aesthetic Experience and Perception video and read the associated transcript in the Aesthetic Experience Materials area of this module.

2. Look through the pre-approved list of art museums and events in the Aesthetic Experience Materials area of this module and choose your experience.

3. Plan for and schedule the time and date to go to your chosen experience.

During and After the Experience (Do These Steps for the Visit/Event)

4. Print out the appropriate worksheet for your chosen event from the four provided in the Aesthetic Experience Materials area of this module to take with you.

5. Go to your chosen in-person Aesthetic Experience, jotting notes on the printed worksheet during the experience.

6. After attending the museum or performance, compose an essay pertaining to this in-person aesthetic experience based on the detailed instructions in the Aesthetic Experience worksheet that you selected. Incorporate terms from the list at the end of your worksheet.

7. Conduct the appropriate research to support your responses to the worksheet prompts. Be sure to cite all sources, including the event or work of art.

8. Finally, submit your completed Aesthetic Experience and Critical Analysis essay to this dropbox folder. (Note: you may submit the completed worksheet, provided that your responses reflect in-depth critical evaluation and analysis and careful editing/proofreading and research citations before submitting.)

You would have to use the event list and the worksheet to create your experience and look up the event and take notes from there. Student lives in the Saint Petersburg Area.

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