agriculture report

Agriculture Report DUE: 11/8/18, In Class For this assignment, you have been randomly assigned a domesticated plant species

You will submit a one-page double-spaced report on this item in the context of our course (please see the assignment template).

You should include:

(1) Where the species was first domesticated

(2) How/ when it spread to other parts of the world,

(3) How your reported item relates to core course ideas about global interconnectedness, trade, and domestication.

For full credit, please: – Follow the formatting provided in the assignments template – Draw from and cite academic materials – Turn in your assignment in word doc or PDF format on course website TOTAL POSSIBLE POINTS: 20 1) Is the paper at least ¾ of a page long (double-spaced) and formatted correctly? 8 points – minus 4 points if it is between ½-3/4 of a page, minus 6 points for shorter than half a page – minus 2 points for incorrect formatting (should have 1 inch margins and be in 12 point font) 2) Does the paper use correct formatting for citations? 2 points [go easy on them, but if it is obviously problematic deduct a point. Only deduct 2 points if they don’t cite at all] 3) Does the paper cite academic sources? 4 points If the info comes from a blog/ website that is obviously academic, then it is allowed. 4) Does the paper answer parts 1-3 in the above prompt? (2 points each, 6 points total)

My Species: Tomatillo

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