annotated bibliography 664

Find at least two scholarly articles related to the HCI/multimedia in learning/education problem and research question you identified in the last assignment. Complete a review (aka “annotation”) of the scholarly sources you found, organized as follows:

1. Give the source reference in APA citation style

2. In your own words, state the following, in essay form:

a) SUMMARIZE: What is the author’s/researcher’s purpose for conducting this research/inquiry?

b) What research methods were used? Are they experimental, quantitative, qualitative, mixed?

c) If applicable, describe the subjects of the research and what happened. Were the subjects participants/interviewees, systems, observed events, review of other studies, or something else? Were they subjected to experimental treatment or were they observed, surveyed or trained and tested, etc.?

d) What were the findings and conclusions? What evidence and results are presented?

e) ANALYZE: What is remarkable about this study? What questions do you have about this study?

f) SYNTHESIZE: How does this article contribute to your understanding of your topic and HOW DOES IS IT HELP TO ANSWER YOUR MAIN QUESTION? Indicate clearly WHY this source is useful for your inquiry.

h) QUOTES: Are there one or two specific quotations that are useful or which are central to answering your main research question? Quote it (them) and remember to enclose them in quotes and note the page number. Also, remember to cite page numbers for any information that you have summarized or paraphrased.

i) Repeat the above steps for Source #2, Source #3, etc. This annotated bibliography will help you write your Literature Review.

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