annotated bibliography for my research project


Hello, I’ll give you the teacher explanation for the assignment this one worth 100 point from my grade. so pleas be careful and return for me a good work because its for my research project witch is the final project. So, I need an A.

– That’s what the teacher wants for the assignments.


Your analytical research report assignment requires that you use 4 (library) sources to provide background for your study. The majority of the sources must be scholarly sources from books or peer-reviewed journals.”

In the last unit, you made a research plan for your analytical report and wrote up survey or interview questions for the primary research component of your report.

In this unit, you will focus on conducting secondary, or library research, for your report. Secondary research includes electronic and print sources.

  • Electronic sources include websites and online journals.
  • Print sources include books and scholarly journals. Note that even electronic databases can give you access to print sources. For instance, you might find a .pdf file of an article originally published in a print journal. This would still count as a print source. Consult with me or a librarian if you are unsure.

The main assignment for this unit is an annotated bibliography, in which you select and cite sources for your analytical report, summarize them, and evaluate them. By the time you have finished this assignment, you will know a lot more about your topic. It will be much easier for you to write your final report as you will have already organized and closely read some of your sources. In addition, you have the opportunity to get feedback from your peers so that you know you have found the best sources, that you are citing them correctly, and that you understand their arguments.

After completing this unit, you should be able to:

  • Locate relevant and credible secondary sources for your project.
  • Cite sources according to APA or MLA guidelines, or another style guide used in your field.
  • Read and understand scholarly writing, and recast it in your own words (summarizing and paraphrasing)
  • Avoid plagiarism.

– Note you will be getting the sources from MSU library website. My research topic is ( Student Awareness about mental health services In Campus)

– you can type in mental health for example and see.

– pick the best sources that you can.

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