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Annotated Bibliograpy

Prompt: An annotated bibliography is a bibliography (a list of sources) that includes an “annotation” (a description and/or evaluation) for each source. Annotated bibliographies are often used in academic writing, and across many different disciplines. Writing an annotated bibliography is helpful preparation for writing a research-based essay. It helps you become more informed about your topic, and it also helps me confirm that you have a good foundation for your upcoming essay.

First, choose a topic for your Argument Essay 1 and research that topic in depth using the library resources. Then, select six (6) potential sources you could use when supporting your essay. Unless otherwise arranged with me, at least three (3) of these should be scholarly sources. After selecting your potential sources, provide the following for each source:

  • a proper MLA works-cited citation of the source
  • a two-paragraph (double spaced) annotation which:
    • provides a brief, general summary, of the source
    • discusses its relevance to your own essay (i.e., how you plan to use it)

Format: Your annotated bibliography should be double-spaced and use proper MLA format (see FITAW and/or the PSU Libraries’ Citation Research Guide: (Links to an external site.)). Note that the annotation beneath each citation should be indented (hanging indentation). In other words, only the first line of each source citation should be flush with the left margin.

For additional information on preparing annotated bibliographies, including examples of summaries and annotation of source materials, check out the Purdue OWL at the following URL:

Grading Criteria: Your assignment should:

(1) include 6 potential sources for your upcoming essay

(2) include, as part of the 6, at least 3 scholarly sources unless otherwise arranged with me

(3) use proper MLA works cited citation format

(4) include a two-paragraph annotation for each source that:

  • provides a brief, general summary, of the source
  • discusses its relevance to your own essay (i.e., how you plan to use it)

(5) use proper hanging indentation

(6) be meticulously edited and proofread

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