as an american or living in america find an article that reflects an issue you see in your life today and then use the assigned readings to make a connection to your life today and how christianity has an impact on living in this country as a woman 1

With all of the various quotes and Christian thinkers as well as the Livingston, it is easy to see why the debate about women and their roles in the various Xtian churches is still a source of debate. What in our original sources or early arguments have you seen reflected in modern life today OR what has been specifically changed from early Christianity?

QUESTION: As an American or living in America FIND AN ARTICLE THAT REFLECTS AN ISSUE YOU SEE IN YOUR LIFE TODAY and then USE THE ASSIGNED READINGS to make a connection to your life today and how Christianity has an impact on living in this country as a woman.

BEFORE you say, “But I’m not Christian,” realize that the laws on abortion, age of marriage, consent for birth control, availability of affordable women’s health care AND attitudes of your peers, parents, authorities, and caregivers are all influenced by the Christian bias of American politics and voters. Everyone should also be aware of the variety of court cases where the govt allows discrimination against non-Christians and pro-choice employees hired by private businesses or insists that the national non-discrimination laws be upheld. The courts can go any way the judge goes so there are cases won and lost on both sides of the debates, though they usually avoid decisions regarding churches. You can use an article to find a connection.


This is an ACADEMIC course so all articles must be from a national or international news source, like Al Jazeera, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, BBC, Reuters, Associated Press (AP), PBS, etc. Many major media sources have a “Religion” section, this is fine. (For example, while the Church of England may have a press outlet for followers, it is still likely that you can find that the BBC will run a story on the continued ban on women clergy.)

DO NOT USE! Any source that is from a particular religious site/church/etc. This includes any online source that is ONLY about religion, even if it claims to be unbiased. AVOID at all costs any “news site” or article that has an overly political agenda. What a politician has to say is not relevant to this question…we are simply looking at religion and gender for this assignment. Avoid opinion laden pieces or man on the street comments as well. If I wanted general public opinions I could just suggest you give your own HOWEVER this assignment is NOT looking for opinions. Avoid Op Ed pieces or blogs. These are opinion pieces, not news pieces.……………

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