assignment 1 184

Assignment Instructions

Read the Chappel, Monk-Turner, and Payne (2011) article or the Esbenson, Peterson, Taylor, and Osgood (2012) article and write a brief essay that responds to the following questions.

Chappell, Monk-Turner, Payne – Broken Windows.pdf

Esbensen, Peterson, Taylor, Osgood – Results ….pdf

1. Why did these researchers conduct this research? What did they hope to learn?
2. Would you classify this research as exploratory, descriptive, or explanatory? Would you classify it as pure or applied? Explain your answers.
3. To what extent has this topic been studied by previous researchers?
4. How did the researchers collect, analyze and interpret their data?
5. What are the researchers’ findings?
6. How did these researchers add to the body of knowledge on this subject?
7. How might this research affect the practice of criminal justice?
8. How would you improve this research and/or conduct additional research to further expand the body of knowledge on this subject?

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