1 using a microsoft word document please discuss the case involving the united states of america versus ross ulbrecht

On April 18, 2016, The United States Supreme Court denied a petition for certiorari (refused to review the lower court’s ruling) in the case of Authors Guild v. Google, Inc., 804 F. 3d 202 – Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit 2015.

Tell me what you would do if you were the Supreme Court.


That case let stand the ruling of the Court of Appeals which can be found at the following website:

https://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=2220742578695593916&q=Authors+Guild+v.+Google+Inc&hl=en&as_sdt=4000006 last accessed February 9, 2019.

Please write a 500-word summary of fair use as this court decision says it.

APA style citation.

critical thinking 309

  • Was the establishment of a minimum floor price for tomatoes consistent with the free trade principles enshrined in the NAFTA agreement?
  • Who benefits from the importation of tomatoes grown in Mexico? Who suffers? Give arguments in support of your answer.
  • Do you think that Mexican producers were dumping tomatoes in the United States? Give reasons.
  • What do you think will be the impact of the new higher floor price? Who benefits from the higher floor price? Who suffers? Give logics.
  • What do you think is the optimal government policy response here? Explain your answer.

database design for iot

In this assignment the request as below:

– Comprehensive literature review for papers on the topic (Database design for IoT).

– Detailed study on the topic.

– Summarizing and represent the topic in an essay (8-10 pages).

– Support the essay by examples and diagrams .

Please consider the technical details and avoid the plagiarism.

Thank you

cj201 mandatory sentencing war on drug apa style

Help me to organize the article that I found and make it become a research paper. Include the following:

– Introduce mandatory sentencing and three strick law

– Explain the connection between the mandatory sentencing and War on Drug in United State

– Explain the idea about some people think Drug Law need to reform

– Explain why some people against the 2010 new drug law

– Explain why some people agree the 2010 new drug law

– Better to have sub topic that can make me better understand

federal government writing assignment 2

Write an essay, by choosing one of the given topics below in the document. Use MLA format, 12 point font, and it must be 750 words or more. Also there must me a work cited page with three sources or more.

survey report bus 150 johnson county community college

Complete 13.7 Writing a Survey Report about Mobile Phone Use in the Workplace (from your textbook). Follow the instructions, analyze the data, and write a report that includes your survey objectives, methodology, findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

Format with:

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction and Background
  • Methodology
  • Findings
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • Reference Page

Use headings and page numbers; include two graphics that you have created that support your conclusions/recommendations (correctly label the graphics). Cite your data and additional research in text and in the Reference page. Refer to the attached rubric for additional criteria on the grading of this assignment.

This project is due 11/17/2019. Submit your assignment to the Week 13 dropbox by 11:59p.m.

Note: Table C should be correctly titled “Appropriateness of Mobile Phone Use in Meetings by Age”


please answer the attached questions in details based on the attached article

Attached are the questions along with the article. please do not copy from the article.

Thank you.

hsa4170 healthcare financial management 1

Assignment: You will create a formal PowerPoint (PPT) about your fictional Healthcare Business. You are preparing a presentation for your executive leadership team. The business plan must be related to the healthcare field (e.g., a doctor’s office, a home healthcare practice, a new hospital, etc.). This presentation requires correct grammar, punctuation, and APA format, including in-text citation and reference list. You are required to have a minimum of three (3) references and your references must come from any combination of refereed peer reviewed journal articles, textbooks, and or credible Internet sources. You will be answering the following organizational plan:

Organizational Plan (see Exhibit 25-3):

  1. Describe your business. Name it. Describe your idea; purpose, mission, vision, background information, and description of the product and or service. The business must be related to the healthcare field (e.g., a doctor’s office, a home healthcare practice, a new hospital, etc.)
  2. Physical location where service and/or equipment that will be provided
  3. The department responsible for the budget
  4. The division responsible for operations
  5. The directly responsible supervisor
  6. Composition of the overall management team

***Attached I will provide the book where you can see Exibit 25-3 on page 311.

strategic analysis of the company paypal holdings inc quot

Need to do a strategic Analysis of the company ” PayPal Holdings, Inc.” This company Operates a technology platform that enables digital and mobile payments, and offers online payment solutions.

Please follow the below outline

1- Introduction of the company

2- Complete Industry Analysis

3- Environmental Analysis of the company

4- Analysis of the company Using the Key Resources and Capabilities of the business relative to its competitors.

5- Core competencies and potential sources of competitive advantage.

6- Competitive Strategy of the company

7- Financial performance of the company relative to its peers, as well as other aspects of performance, covering the previous 3 to 5 years.

The Paper should be 8 pages. Double spaced. and should include the tables or graphs and other visual aids to support the analysis.

him2652 critical thinking assignment 2

Many new assisted living and memory care complexes are being constructed in north Florida due to a significant increase in the population of individuals over age 50. Local medical societies and HCO administrators are actively working with these companies to establish relationships for continuing care services. As director of HIM at a local hospital, Larry Green has been asked to develop a slide presentation on the EHR and patient portals to members of these assisted living complexes and active senior citizens’ educational centers.

Since the audience has somewhat limited medical terminology and technology knowledge, he is tailoring the presentation to meet their needs. Within the presentation, Larry stresses the importance of the EHR and the benefits it provides to patients, such as increased communication between providers, enhanced continuity of care, and improved patient safety.

He gives a brief overview and examples of the basic functions such as e-prescribing, CPOE, results management, and public health reporting. Larry also gives a demonstration of the patient portal for his hospital. He shows the audience how they can access their patient information, follow-up on lab test results, monitor their blood pressure or glucose levels, ask questions about prescriptions, request or change appointments, schedule educational or health-monitoring sessions, and address their insurance and account issues.

Larry is aware that confidentiality is a topic of concern. Therefore, he addresses interoperability and secure transmission of data between HCOs and providers in his presentation. He also incorporates the HIPAA confidentiality and security information audience members receive when visiting their physicians. Larry concludes his presentation with a discussion of frequently asked questions, and then he allows a significant amount of time to address any other questions the audience may have.

  1. What kinds of privacy and confidentiality features should patients be aware of?
  2. Discuss how the EHR is making patients safer.

Louise is an 89-year-old woman who was discharged from the hospital after having a cardiac valve replacement for mitral valve stenosis. After going home, she had home health services for a few weeks. Louise had both Medicare and a secondary insurance. She received a bill requesting payment for the home health services provided. She was prepared to write a check for the total amount. Fortunately, her granddaughter, Marie, a HIM professional, was visiting and reviewed the bill. Marie immediately saw that neither Medicare nor the secondary insurance had been billed. Marie assisted her grandmother by calling the home health agency to discuss the bill. She was told that the home health agency did not have the insurance policy numbers. Marie provided the policy numbers. When she was about to hang-up, the billing office representative told Marie that when Louise received a Medicare Summary Notice from Medicare to call them back to let them know so that they could bill the secondary insurance. Marie explained to them that it was their responsibility to identify this. If Marie had not gotten involved, then Louise would have paid the bill and her insurance companies would never have been billed. Also, Louise would have called the home health agency to ask them to bill the secondary insurer.

  1. Identify how this case applies to the chapter.
  2. What could the home health agency have done in order to prevent this problem.

Total of 500 words