chapter 15 the environment are we killing the planet

Read_this_tnb.pngThis weeks assignment is a video/article review discussion on the environment. This topic will come up again in our last discussion which will be a course summary with a focus on social change through the environmental movement and the issue of climate change among other things.

Your assignment.jpgExamine the articles and videos on the resource page. You can use the ones I provide or the ones provided by the publisher. Pick one of them to summarize and react to. Your reaction should tie the video/article to the chapter, and identify how the item fits into a social problem. Remember to review your rubric.

I will allow you to see each other’s posts so that if you want to comment about the same video or article someone else posted about, you will be able to do that instead of posting an original post. If you do this you should provide a different perspective on the video/article presented. Or, if you want to present a different video or article you can do that.

RESPONSE POST REQUIRED(worth 10 points)- Two total posts are required for this assignment.

Your second post should focus on ideas for solutions to any of the social problems raised in the chapter or the discussion. See the rubric for more details.

Consider This.jpg

One of the items I provide on the weekly resource page is a debate on climate change. If you want to discuss something from here you only need to summarize one or two of the items on that page. Or you can present a summary narrative of one or both sides if you prefer. If you do this remember to look at it from a social problems perspective–who are the claims makers and what reason might they have for making the claims they are making. Each side has many different claims makers so it takes a lot of sifting through information to make an educated decision on what to believe.

We will be using this information in our last discussion as well (the course summary). There is a ton more information on this topic, remember to find valid sources and try not to fall under the spell of fake news propaganda. The sites provides many other references on the topic that you can explore.

If you watched the Before the Flood documentary (which I recommend) it will give you many different aspects of the topic and the discussion guide provides you with many alternate ways to view the material.

due date.jpgYour initial post is due Thurs. with your two responses due Sun. Remember to use evidence to support your view.

GRADE500.pngTwo posts are required with each post worth up to 10 points. See the rubric for details.

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