co curricular activity essay 1 page

As a GL core class, we are required to include one co-curricular activity. This basically means that you should engage in a meaningful activity that involves interacting with the course beyond the class materials, with the community at large.

You may fulfill this requirement by visiting an organization/ exhibit/ event/ activity or attending a talk on or off campus. Given the range of topics we cover in World Civilizations this allows you a lot of latitude. It does not matter where you are, whether in Miami, New York, or Timbuktu, you simply need to find an event that educates you on culture, society… Find a public talk, an event, or an exhibit at a library, college, town hall, museum, or … near where you live.

After you have chosen and participated in one of these activities submit a full page report describing the event, your experience attending said event, and explaining if your time in the World Civilizations Course influenced the way you interacted with the material.

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