combination of poetic design and manufacturing the title


the work of the seminar will consist of research into an “episode of the image.” This entails identifying a pertinent and influential image and accounting for its impact on the discipline, with particular emphasis on the relation of the image to objects that bring it into existence and those that it engenders. (The order of these relations is flexible: e.g., objects engendering images, images engendering images as the ground for objects and so on.)This research will result in a written and graphical summary of the image episode. We start with the assumption that architecture encompasses both things and images. Complications immediately ensue from this initial statement: sometimes the things are also images; an image is a thing; many things come into existence as images first; many images never become things but remain influential, and so forth. Sometimes a thing gives rise to an image that gives rise to another thing. The task is to identify at least two “image episodes” that pertain, directly or tangentially, to the realm of architecture. Each episode may have many twists and turns, as image gives rise to image, and maybe to a thing that brings another image into the world, etc. It is your responsibility to choose and to research “episodes” that possesses sufficient complexity to compel attention, and that can bring to light relevant information about the “image thing complex” in architecture. You may request to focus your work on a single topic, pending approval; if you do, please make sure that it is complex enough (given the requirements of the final output.) Since this is a graduate seminar, you have the responsibility to interpret this brief according to your own interests and to pursue it with motivation. The goal is to make unusual connections and to expose overlooked relationship, so the work will require research, analysis and insight. Your creativity should also be brought to bear in your approach to this assignment: it is not a cut-and-dried term paper assignment, which allows you some free rein. Each image episode that you present will comprise a visual essay and a supporting text. The visual essay maps the spatial and temporal identity of the episode, and the text describes, elaborates, and analyzes the episode, making a conclusion about the pertinence of the episode to architecture. The visual essay will depend on the specifics of the episode. The text should be circa 1250 per “episode” (around 2500 words total.) So, in summary, you will be responsible for roughly 10 written pages (MLA format) that accompany your two (or more) episodes.


  • Karim Rashid biography and approach.
  • Kareem Rashid design perspective
  • Design Experience
  • Architecture VS Industrial Design
  • Designing the future:
  • Society’s perspective VS Karim Creativity (critical)
  • Projects examples:
  • – The connection of art and design.
  • – Shaping culture and creating different experience.
  • – Color
  • – Kareem unique principle of design.
  • – Design Dialect.
  • – Technology and good design.


NOTE: I need to receive first draft.

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