complete humanities powerpoint twice for two students in the same class watts jackson

Theater-Film Assignment


Choose a play that has also been made into a movie or television series. If you have no prior knowledge, please research possibilities. Then create a PowerPoint (a minimum of 8 slides with at least two graphics) on the play/movie of your choice and include the following information:

  • Background of the author and the time period he/she lived in
  • Time period and setting for the play/movie
  • Cast of characters
  • Use of two of the vocabulary words from the chapters (7-9) to characterize the play/movie
  • A brief summary of the plot of the play/movie
  • Description of one specific scene from the play/movie which best illustrates the overall theme(s) of the play/movie
  • Your opinion of the play/movie and your preference for either the play or movie and why
  • The significance of theater and film to the humanities and everyday life
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