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Project Title: Web Design Process

Understanding of design nuances for applications that the user controls brings a new level to the process. It requires options and thought into how a person may act or respond to stimulus that is not a factor in a single printed design.

Objective & Start

For this project, you will take the design principles discussed in class and develop a web page design for online ordering and an associated phone page that is appealing, easy to use, and interesting for the end user as well as the client.

Begin by choosing a small local company that has something to sell online. Write down the name and type of company plus answer the remaining questions on the company write up sheet. You will later type up the final information as a PDF.

Project Guidelines

Once the company is fixed, begin by writing concepts and thoughts about how to address the design of your site.

  • Do research on similar types of pages taking notes of what you see both good and bad.
  • Begin by writing out what needs to be included on the page and app. They may not necessarily both be the same.
  • Consider design elements and color harmonies that will support the concept of the page.

These thoughts will give you a set of guides to follow as you do your thumbnail sketches. Once you develop several ideas and layouts, you will create 2 comps (web page only) from the best concepts and designs. Do not neglect the thumbnails as it will directly affect your design quality.

You will need to design the full web page plus a phone page for the site. The phone page will be designed to match the main home page, but use a vertical scaling for easy viewing on a phone. Consider the limited space and smaller size for viewing.

After the comps are created, you will create one finished design of the web order page and the phone page. You will use Adobe Photoshop to create the site. With Photoshop, you must use good layers and create layer comps to show menu displays. When doing the page, try to find appropriate images or take your own if necessary. Feel free to collaborate with photography students. No copyrighted images.

In the end you will have two different web page design comps done on paper and photographed or scanned in. You will also have a digital finished proof of the web page and phone app.

This project will be shown to the class for critique.

Project Submission

You will turn in a PDF of your company write up, a PDF of your thumbnails and final comps, a PDF of the web site order page and phone page. In addition, you will include the Photoshop .psd file with layers and layer comps intact.

Name 1: Name 2:



Type of company: Shoe

What are they selling online: Women’s Shoes

Price Range: High End

About the Company: Elegant, sexy, sophisticated shoe’s for women

Describe the company environment:

Describe what can be ordered (product, service, other..), include price, styles guidelines, ?

Tell about the users of the site/company customers?

What design traits will appeal to the customers?

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