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Reply to classmates within your discipline and evaluate their lesson plans, giving 3 pointers for lesson plan appropriateness, resources, and biblical integration. 150 word reply (reference is not included in word count) in APA format with biblical reference.

This lesson is important because of the rapidly changing demographics of the United States. As much as 25 percent of children under the age of 5 in this country are Hispanic. I think that it will facilitate acceptance if we teach American children about Latin America. If children receive a proper education about Latin America it may lead to empathy and understanding. By studying Latin America students will learn of the political and economic differences of some Latin American countries as compared to America. This will help students develop broader knowledge relating to why people would risk their lives in an attempt to reach the American Dream. If not one more Hispanic immigrant entered the United States either legally or illegally the Hispanic population is stilled poised to become larger than all other minority groups.

I think that it is vitally important to provide students with an education that not only examines the past but studies the present and offers a window into their future. The issue of immigration is extremely important in American political discourse. The children should study the places and people that are the source of such contention in America. The lesson aligns with the standards and it also examines current events. Social Studies class is the perfect venue to examine the political, economic, and social construct of selected Latin American countries.


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