energy carriers and the science of climate discussion

Read the article A History of Global Warming, In Just 35 Seconds and watch the short video Global Warming In Just 35 Seconds from Climate Central. Post your reaction to the 35 second history and suggest your personal preference for mitigating the extreme global weather of the 21st century. To see the same information, in a view that you might be more familiar with, take a look at this interactive graph from NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center. Global Time Series It is set to Global, but you can change it to any continent and/or you can look at just a particular month, for example just the historic data back to 1880 for August. The raw data and the rankings are below the graph. The ranking goes from 1 (the coldest) to 138 (the warmest). The time series from NOAA, unlike the video, includes 2018, the fourth warmest year on record, according to NOAA, NASA, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and the U.K. MET Office. Assessing the Global Climate in 2018 – National Centers for Environmental Information. This means that the last five years are the warmest on record. And except for 1998, all the warmest years on record have been since the year 2001.

Note: Through the first half of 2019, it is the third warmest year on record. However, if the trends that where started in May, June, and the first half of July continue, it may wind up as the second warmest on record.

What is your reaction to Climate Central and the NOAA time series and how do you think we should attempt to change the global warming issue?
Note there is no sound.

“Temperature anomalies arranged by country from 1900 – 2016” YouTube, uploaded by climatecentraldotorg, 2 August 2017

If need be please cite 2 sources from websites only.

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