essay 3 evaluation 2

This kind of essay requires you to select a topic for an essay and write about it by providing more information through scenarios and examples. For instance, if you choose to write about muscle cars, you would define cars in general, describe regular cars and muscle cars and give examples of muscle cars. As the ending, you could explain what made muscle cars so special or so memorable. Basically you will evaluate the topic as to whether it is good, bad, better, worth the money, not worth the money, whether it lives up to its hype, or any other elements that you think are important.

Remember that you are not to use personal pronouns in this or your other essays. Be sure to choose a topic from the list provided. It is not acceptable to come up with your own topic. The length must be a minimum 650 words. Also, you must include at least one source which is cited in your essay and listed on your Works Cited page

Choose from one of the following topics:

  1. ____________ is a perfect example of a fast-food restaurant. (your choice of restaurant)
  2. Select an actor/actress and evaluate his/her PERFORMANCE in several movies. Remember that a movie is a source, too.
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of state testing in schools.
  4. Gender specific schools are very successful.
  5. Pizza is actually a healthy food, especially if it comes from ____________. (your choice of restaurant)
  6. The I-Phone is an excellent phone.
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