ethics case study 13

Review the attached case and write an APA 6th formatted paper with ten (10) body pages—IN ADDITION to the title page, abstract, and references page—where you implement the Ethical Decision-Making Model (Links to an external site.) offered by Forester-Miller and Davis (1996).

Discuss what actions you would take as you proceed through the steps, documenting and defending your courses of actions and your final conclusions. Be sure to support your thoughts with at least two (2) peer-reviewed articles from the counseling literature that address the case’s topics.

Your paper should have a title page, abstract, and introduction that explains the crux of the case and prepares the reader for what follows, a body that is structured under APA 6th headings that coincide with the Ethical Decision-Making Model, a conclusion, and a reference page.

Case Scenario

Remember to review your VeriCite score. If your score is over 20%, revise and resubmit.

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