excel project 49

Document Requirements:

1. Worksheet 1 that contains the following items:

ï‚· Each course in your program of study formatted such that you can easily create totals and other calculations. ï‚· Fill out the information for your academic program into the worksheet. Make sure you capture each semester, each course and the number of credits for each course. You can find your programs suggested curriculum on the Greenville Technical College website – https://www.gvltec.edu/academics_learning/areas-of-study.html. If you plan to go on to a 4-year college to complete your education, you may look on the Internet at colleges that have your major and look for their curriculum information. If you are having trouble with this section, please meet with your instructor or with your academic advisor for help. ï‚· Use the SUM function to calculate total credits for each semester (I.E.: 12 hours-taken first semester) and a separate formula that will calculate each semester credits and find final hours needed to complete program. (I.E.: 63 hours to obtain degree) ï‚· Include a Date function such as the NOW function and any other formula you feel is necessary. ï‚· Format the main row, and column headings appropriately so that the table is easy to read and attractive. ï‚· Include a column that indicates what type of course it is (major, elective or required by program).

2. Worksheet 2 that contains tuition and fee costs per credit hour to approximate the total cost each semester and total for the program.

 For Greenville Tech, click this link https://www.gvltec.edu/admissions_aid/tuition_and_payments/index.html; If you have included credits from other institutions, please use cost information from that school’s website.  Format the main row, and column headings appropriately so that the table is easy to read and attractive.

3. Worksheet 3 contains a pie chart showing the proportion of credits for each of three course types: M – courses in your major, R – courses that are required for your program, and E – elective courses.

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