extra credit 23

Please write this extra credit for me.

The link to the documentary “Flint’s Deadly Water” on PBS is here:
Step 1: Watch the whole film (all 54 minutes)
Take notes on:
– What dos legionella bacteria have to do with the Flint water crisis?
– How did local and state officials start to respond when people were getting sick?
– Based on the evidence presented in the documentary, why wasn’t there a more direct and immediate response to the outbreak?
– How was legionella an important part of the criminal prosecution after the water crisis?
– How do the PBS investigative journalists show that the deaths were probably undercounted? What evidence do they provide?
– What is next in the criminal prosecution?

Write a 2 page summary that addresses these questions and includes your reflection on the following question:
– Based on what you have learned what should state and local officials do next in response to these developments? Do you think the courts/legal system is the best place to provide justice for Flint or would a different approach be better? Why?

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