Finance Written Report – Operating Budget



I need a finance written report. An operating budget. I will attach 2 example budgets and also will attach the full instructions on what is required.



Objective: Create an Operating budget for a revenue producing department. You must have at least two different revenue streams such as mammograms and biopsies or dental cleanings and dental x-rays, doctor visits and office x-ray, etc.



Written Report            



1.                  Develop an operating budget for a revenue producing department indicating revenue (in the form of statistics not dollars) and expenses (FTEs as a number and all other expenses in dollars) utilizing methods taught.  Budget must include 2 different revenue streams and corresponding expenses for each.


2.                  Assignment will involve research on volume predictions and expense costs.  These can be obtained from a variety of sources including interview with finance/budget staff person in your institution.


3.                  Paper shall include budget, summary, methods used, assumptions made and references.


4.                  Length will be no more than 3 pages not including addendum(s).  If report exceeds 3 pages, points will be taken away.


5.                  Grade will be determined based on:


a) accuracy of budget methods and calculations and

                                b) thoroughness in predicting revenue/volume and matching expenses to    

                            the revenue