five annotated bibliography

Homework # 5 Assignment: Annotated Bibliography- Due Nov. 25


  • To practice summary skills and stylistically correct documentation of sources.
  • To advance skills of critically finding, choosing, reading and analyzing sources that could be used as support in your developing essay.
  • To gain increased skill at evaluating a source’s relevance and quality.
  • To practice synthesizing various sources that may be used for your essay.
  • To gain greater confidence in the scholarly research process.

TASK: Write critical annotations of five 5 scholarly sources (peer-reviewed), 5 pages maximum, that could be used for support in your developing essay. Annotations should follow the following criteria:

  • Provide an assignment title: give a project title and citation style used. (MLA, APA, etc.)

For each source:

  • give full publication information (consistently following style guidelines MLA, APA, Chicago)
  • write a one-paragraph critical annotation for each source:

– briefly summarize the source’s argument

  • key claim in 1-2 sentences
  • summarize point in your own words

– evaluate the source’s relevance and reliability

  • credibility of source/author
  • quality and relevance of evidence
  • assessment of argument’s strength

– explain the significance of the source and its role in your paper

  • synthesize


No more than 5 pages and five scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources. Includes a title. Includes a full bibliographic entry before beginning each annotation. Annotation includes a summary of the argument and key claim. Presents a critical assessment of author’s credibility, source’s quality, relevance and strength. Synthesis draws on relationships between sources. Includes explanations of the significance and role related to your essay 2. Critical annotations will be evaluated for completeness and consistently correct scholarly documentation style. All pages should follow formatting conventions. *Review example annotated bibliographies on Canvas.

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