forums 1 and 2

Forum 1: Ethics in Research (300 words) APA format

n 2017, opioid deaths exceeded the number of people who died in car accidents reducing the average life expectancy age for the USA. Purdue Pharma benefited financially from the sale of OxyContin (an addictive opioid pain medication) and heavily marketed it mainly when profits slumped. Now the state of Massachusetts is suing Purdue Pharma  for the harm they have inflicted on the state and its citizens. Was Purdue Pharma’s conduct ethical?

Ethical considerations take high priority in research. Find an example of unethical research and present it in this forum discussion.  Why is it unethical? What standard has it violated?


Forum 2: Psychological Skills training 300 words, APA format)

After reading all assigned readings:FILLER TEXT FILLER TEXTBriefly describe how the following tools can be Applied to a psychological Skills Training program. Then select your two favorite and explain why these particular tools are special.  

Psychological Skills Training Tools:

Attentional Control

Attribution Training



  • Imagery
  • Pre-performance Routine
  • Relaxation
  • Self-talk
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