fundamental rights of the constitution

3 1/4 page research paper about your fundamental rights in the constitution.
so basically look up constitutional rights and how today they are , how we are affected by them. Research it and explain what they are and what’s current today.

Such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion. Etc
This is what my Professor expects.
With the foregoing in mind and in order to satisfy the Course Outline of Record [COR] each student will be requiredto submit a research paper. It is in part the means which the instructor has adopted to make the class individually relevant by opening the area of study to the student’s own personal, professional, intellectual, or other interests within the broad umbrella of constitutional law.

The factors which will be considered in the grading of the project will include (1) the originality and inquisitive rigor demonstrated by the selection of a suitable topic, (2) the currency or timeliness of the subject chosen, (3) the inclusion of complete and detailed supporting authority of academic quality, (4) the incorporation of critical individual thought and analysis, (3) the use of research tools, and (6) the overall quality of the presentation, including the use of proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Like the regularly scheduled examinations, the research project will have a value of one hundred [100] points.

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