holiday recipe 1

This is a simple assignment.

You are required to price out the cost of your favorite winter feast recipe for a minimum of 8 people. You must provide the complete recipe and the current cost of the recipe for each ingredient and the total cost of the dish once it is completed. Make this a fun exercise. Think back to the things you loved about the holiday season or winter in general. If you need inspiration there are many online resources. Your main ingredients must be from scratch. You can use things like onion soup mix and canned soup if necessary to complete your full recipe. However, I do not want recipes made from only boxed cake mixes or boxed Jell-O (even if they are fun to make). You may make an appetizer, main course, desert or even a special drink that you are fond of. Remember that you must come up with the current cost of the ingredients, the total cost of direct labor (minimum wage in this case is $20.00 per hour) and total manufacturing overhead (in this case it is $10.00 per hour). I am looking forward to making your recipes.

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