ieee research about web backdoor with perfect english writing 1

the requirements

1. plagiarism is lass than 5% should have abstract and the length is more then half on page

3. tables of comparison of the researches and another one for compering some of web backdoors

4. should have chapter that name introduction that have 3 parts :


(Here you provide general introduction to the chapter and by extension the project as a whole).

Give the structure of the report here.

1.2Problem Statement

(This is where the problem to be tacked is expressly and clearly presented with brevity and high level of clarity). What is the problem you are looking at?

Could be ½ or 1 page. No more.

1.3 Background

(Here you provide background of the study)

Define all the required subjects about the problem so that the reader of the subsequent section (literature review) will understand what you are talking about.

5. the second chapter is about review of literature that should have 3 patrs :

summarize at least 15 recent papers (from 2014 and above) that addressed the tittle.

1.1Introduction (Here you give a brief introduction of what this chapter is all about)

Other subsections could be created on case by case basis.

1.2 Literature review

Here you need to present the related studies with citation.

If possible provide a classification of the techniques.

Provide a summary as a table for the studies.

At least 15 recent references. More is better.

2.x Chapter summary

(Here a summary of the present chapter is provided. That is, state what is contained in this chapter briefly or summarily)

6. the last chapter is about

Discussion and analysis

Here, provide a discussion about the papers you already summarized.

Compare between them.

Analyze their contributions.

Suggest any further improvement with justifications.

the end should be the conclusion chapter

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