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Please write a 5 MINUTE informative speech on the heroism of first responders on 9/11 (700-1000 words). Include an outline and a bibliography with 5 sources. The purpose of this speech is to teach an audience of the bravery and courage of first responders on 9/11/01 at the World Trade Center. The speech should include related testimony, quotes, and facts from credible sources that will provide the audience with a better understanding of the heroism that day.

The introduction should be about 15-20% of speech, followed by main ideas (main body) about 80% of speech, and the conclusion of 5-10% of speech.

I. Introduction:

A) Icebreaker
B) Central Idea (heroism of first responders on 9/11)
C) Preview main points

II. Main Body:

A) Main Points (3) (one idea per main point) with supporting points and smooth transitions between them.

III. Conclusion:

A) Summarize main points
B) Restate central idea
C) conclude the speech with a memorable thought.

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