innovation tedtalk conference speakers

When planning IT strategy to identify and develop enterprise information technology solutions to support business operations, leadership must focus on methods to ignite innovative thinking of employees. This is the “art of innovation”. Our lecture this week introduced two TedTalk Conference speakers with a focus on innovation. Our first conference speaker for this week, organizational psychologist, Adam Grant, states, “You need a lot of bad ideas in order to get a few good ones.” Our second conference speaker, strategist Knut Haanaes, emphasized the importance of balance between exploration and exploitation.

Attend the two conference presentations, and summarize your key take away points. How does your chosen organization manage the “art of innovation” as presented by Adam Grant and Knut Haanaes? Provide examples when discussing your points. Share an audio byte on your recommendations for “embracing failure”. This should be no more than two minutes. Introduce yourself, and include the sentence, my recommendation for embracing failure is.

Minimum of 250 words.

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