interviews with persons who have overcome drinking drug problems paper

Interviews with persons who have overcome drinking/drug problems. Another alternative is to conduct interviews with a person who has resolved a previous drinking/drug problem. You should conduct at least three hours of interviews that cover the following topics (at a minimum): development of the problem, signs and symptoms of the problem, how the problem was recognized, unsuccessful attempts at change, how successful change was effected, and perspectives on how the person’s life is different.

Write a 5-7 page double-spaced paper. The format for the write up will vary with the type of experience, but should include (1) objective information, (2) your subjective appraisal of the person, program, or experience, and (3) how you assess the relationship between what you observed or experienced and the theoretical/research literature on the topic. At least one excellent research article with data regarding the effectiveness of the intervention is required (often this entails a study with a research design including random assignment to the intervention (such as 12 step intervention) and a comparison group.The required format is APA. You will be graded on how well you convey your experience, how well you integrate the research article into your paper, the quality of the research article examining efficacy or effectiveness of the intervention and how well you follow the APA formatting (e.g., title page, header with a page number, double-spacing, citations in the text, and reference page).

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