journal entry marriage and family

Welcome to your second journal entry for our course. You will have journal entries throughout the semester. The purpose of the journal entry is to help you reflect on the course readings. In order to answer the questions for your journal entry, you will need to have completed the readings in our Marriage and Family Module. You do not need to worry about citing, as you will be referring and referencing our course readings for your journal entries. Please answer the following questions with a minimum of 5 sentences per response. You may respond with more than 5 sentences, but you must have a minimum of 5 sentences per response.

Please note — when completing an assignment, please compose your assignment in a word processing program and save it as .doc, .docx or .pdf. These are the only formats I will accept in this course.

Please be sure to include the questions within your assignment, as this helps me keep track of your responses.

Please answer the following questions for your journal entry:
1. According to our course readings, what are some explanations regarding why grandparents are raising their grandchildren? For some more insight, you may refer to this ARTICLE (Links to an external site.). When you answer this question, try to reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of grandparents raising their grandchildren. You may also discuss the factors that have influenced this family formation (i.e., mental illness, deployment, joblessness, etc).
2. According to our course readings, why are people remaining “single by choice?” As you answer this question, reflect on the factors that have contributed to divorce rates, cohabitation rates, autonomy, etc.
3. According to our course readings, why are divorced males more likely to remarry than their female counterparts?

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