leaders eat last 1

Read the book “Leaders Eat Last” attached below to answer each assigned reading. Read part 2,3 and 4. Any questions or concerns please ask

Part 2 discusses chemicals produces and within the brain which have significant implications for individuals and groups and explores anthropological reasonings for leaders. With these two concepts in mind and in your own words, answer the following two questions then respond/comment to two of your classmates’ posts.

1. List these chemicals and in your own words, describe their effects on individuals and groups.

2. How can leaders use the information related to these chemicals to address performance and organizational culture?

Part 3 talks about trust, relationships, and achievements. Answer the following questions.

What are your feelings about individual achievement in relation to group achievement? Are they related? Why or Why not. What might be some antecedents to trust, relationships and achievement?

Part 4 provides a brief summary of cultural changes that covers the last 100 years. It discusses generational shifts in values and relationships. Answer the following questions.

Based on what you have read how do you feel about the generational changes described in this section? What do you think are the defining attributes of generations X, Y, and Z? What conflicts exists and what are ways to overcome them?

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