leadership task 5

You don’t have to do Final assignment right now. Just use that to pick a company.

Task 5

It is now time to focus on the company you have chosen for the final project. In this module, you will write a company description with an organizational chart. In order to accomplish this assignment you will need to complete the following research:

Read Chapter 7 of The New Entrepreneurial Leader: Developing Leaders Who Shape Social and Economic Opportunity

Watch the Lynda course Learning From Failure

Conduct substantial research on the company you wish to use for the final project.

                          1. Write the company description for the company you have chosen for your final project.
                          2. Look at the Company’s mission, vision, and values to make sure your cause is in line. If it is not, rewrite the mission, vision, and values.
                          3. Upload below.
                          4. Be prepared to share with your classmates.
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