major exam 1

MAJOR EXAM #4 is an essay exam. This exam is based on chapters 11-12 of your text. Be sure that you have carefully read these chapters before you do this exam. In this exam you are to answer separately (thoroughly and thoughtfully) each question asked in each number. Be sure to answer each question in complete sentences (not fragments). Be sure to proofread your answer for clarity, coherence and correctness in grammar, spelling, punctuation mark, etc. Make sure that you label or identify each part of your answer (for example, #1A, 1B, 1C, etc.). Please do not lump together your answers. Your answer must be word-processed, double-spaced, using 10-12 font size and number the pages of exam. If you quote a passage from the reading to support your answer to a question you need to cite reference (using parenthetical citation) for that passage you are quoting from the reading. In your answer to the exam questions, please do not include the questions asked because that will automatically trigger a Safe Assign match that will cause your exam to exceed the 25% acceptable limit. Please note that you get ONLY ONE ATTEMPT to submit your exam to Safe Assign.

  • What is the United Nations’ definition of chemical and bacteriological weapons?What is the main argument that many nations have about the prohibition in the use of chemical and biological weapons?What is the meaning of the option of “first use”? (10 points)
  • What is the view of J.B.S. Haldane on the use of chemical weapons?State all his arguments in support of such a view.What does Haldane say about this dread about the use of chemical weapons? (10 points)
  • Does Frances Harbour agree with the views of Haldane on the use of chemical weapons? State all the arguments of Harbour in support of his own view on the use of chemical weapons.For Harbour, is there a difference between chemical weapons and conventional weapons?What does Harbour say about the use of chemical protective clothing?Is this view of Harbour about the use of chemical protective clothing because of compliance with the jus in bello tradition?Do you agree with his view about the wearing of chemical protective clothing?Explain fully your answer. (15 points)
  • What is the view of Paul Christopher (the author of our book) about the use of chemical weapons?State all his arguments in support of this view.Do his reasons support only the prohibition against first use of chemical weapons?Explain fully your answer here.(10 points)
  • Are there arguments against the existence and proliferation of nuclear weapons?If so, what are these arguments? Explain each argument in this regard fully. What is the connections of these arguments against the use of nuclear weapons to the requirements of both jus ad bellum and jus in bello tradition of just war?Explain fully your answer here.What is the pacifist position on the use of nuclear weapons?State clearly at least two objections to the pacifist positon on the use of nuclear weapons. (15 points)
  • Explain fully the arguments of those (like the U.S. and other nuclear powers) who are in favor of the use (and/or development) of nuclear weapon. Are nuclear weapons different in kind from conventional weapons?If so, how so?Explain fully and clearly the paradoxes and dilemmas involved in the use and development of nuclear weapons. (10 points)
  • From the perspective of chapter 11, provide a comprehensive definition of terrorism. Infer or deduce from this definition what is says about the violence directed against the victims, and what is says about the perspective of terrorists. (10 points)
  • Discuss in detail each of the 4 arguments use by the terrorists to justify their acts of terrorism, and provide at least 2 counter-arguments to each of these 4 arguments used to justify terrorist actions. (10 points)
  • Point out at least 3 points of difference between war and terrorism.Explain fully how exactly war and terrorism differ on each of these points. (10 points)
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