need for compliance with new firm policies and systems on security

Assignment #4

Identification of the Project


In the previous project assignments #1 and #2 you Identified a project topic that you want to analyze, write on, and created your plan to accomplish your analysis project. You then continued on and gathered your data.

Now you are ready to review your data using the various analytical tools you have learned so far.Take a quick look ahead at the remaining topics.If you think that any might be useful in your project, feel free to ask me.

Do your analysis.

Now write a brief one-page summary of your analysis efforts.

  • Answer the following questions:
    • What analysis tools did you fine useful and why?
    • Have you addressed the initial question you were seeking to?
    • What if any issues might impact your analysis and why?
    • What conclusions can you draw?
    • What remains unanswered or new questions raised as a result of your analysis?
  • Prepare the charts, graphs and key statistics that support your conclusions or findings.Attached these as addendums/exhibits.
  • You now need to articulate your findings at this point.
  • This assignment is to be formatted as a business memo.
  • Be sure to include your name.
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