NR 505 Week 4 Discussion Post 1 and Post 2

NR 505 Advance Research Method: Evidence-based Practice

(Chamberlain College – Spring 2016)


Week 4 TD 1 – Sampling Issues  

Staying in discussion with your fellow consultants, what type of sample would you need to examine your question and learn more about your issue? What are the various types of sampling you could use, along with their advantages and disadvantages?


Week 4 TD 2 – Ethical Issues

  Read these two documents on ethical issues in research:

o   Tuskegee syphilis study at .

o   An overview of questionable studies – Milestones in the history of human subjects protection at  


What are the ethical principles violated in the studies described in these documents? What are the implications of this information with respect to recruitment of human subjects in your Ironridge study? 

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