nur 3169 inquiry and evidence discuss the phenomenology grounded theory ethnography historical major types of qualitative research

Discuss the four major types of qualitative research. Share examples of each type

phenomenology , grounded theory, ethnography, historical related to topic 1) bioterrorism, 2) pandemic disease and 3) informatics. The research studies should be in the las two years. 4 is needed. Include this book in reference evidence based practice for nurses appraisal and application of research nola a Schmidt, janet m brown ISBN-13: 978-1284122909

phenomenology A type of qualitative research that describes the lived experience to achieve understanding of an experience from the perspective of the participants

grounded theory A type of qualitative research that examines the process of a phenomenon and culminates in the generation of a theory

ethnography A type of qualitative research that describes a culture

historical A type of qualitative research used to examine events or people to explain and understand the past to guide the present and future

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