our corporation is called brg analytics

We have to make up an Corporation and answer these. What will we use. This is an Telecommunications class. We had to make up our corporation s for instance like Verizon, whats there LAN Design and etc.

  1. LAN Design (including)
    1. Choice of networking hardware and physical layout;
      • Including wired vs wireless
    2. Choice of network architecture, e.g. traditional client server setting, virtualization, cloud computing etc.
    3. Hardware needs (PCs, Servers, Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones etc.)
    4. Network elements needs
  2. Wide Area Connectivity
    1. VPN, PSDN, Leased Lines, other (e.g. commercial Cable or DSL)
    2. Explanation of your choice and
    3. Costing implications
  3. Network Management
    1. Security plans,
    2. Growing the network (scalability)
    3. Backup, data security, Continuity management (including potential impacts of downtime).
  4. Total Cost of Ownership:
    1. Capital costs
    2. Ongoing expenses needed to support and/or grow the system.
      • i.Includes labor and training costs
  5. Role of the internet of things
    1. Fit in your project or reasons for exclusion.
  6. Summary
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