part a discussion determining your technology needs part b reply to two peers posts

Part A:::

For this discussion, you will be employed as a contracted technology consultant at one of the following organizations of your choice:

  • Financial Institution
  • Publishing Business
  • Engineering or Technology Business
  • Educational Institution
  • Hospital

After you have made your choice, provide the following information in a short paragraph or bulleted list:

  • Identify the type of business that you chose from the list above.
  • Determine the business’s software needs and explain how you would determine the correct computer components, identifying the considerations that served as the basis your selections.

For example, if you were going to use software that requires high-end graphics or video, what would the critical computer components be to support that activity? The RAM requirements of both your operating system and the programs you use are an important consideration to include. Understanding your software and application needs will help you in the selection of the memory.

Part B:::

Reply to two peers’ posts and explain how the needs of the organization you chose differ from theirs and why.

Post 1: In this discussion, I chose to be a technology consultant for the hospital. The reason for my choice is because when its all said in done when I have completed my degree as a Cybersecurity professional. I hope to land a career in a hospital because that where I feel that I would get the most pleasure of protecting a patient’s sensitive information. ( EPIC) would be the software that I would suggest to my client because at a hospital, you would want to use software that is user-friendly that the health system can access, organize, store and share electronic medical records. This is exactly what EPIC systems do and is one of the largest providers of health information technology. I would also suggest an HP EliteBook 840 GS the Healthcare Edition, first off this computer was designed to be easy to clean and prevent damage that might occur from disinfected wipes as well the screen comes off to help clean. This laptop has an integrated RFID and biometrics for authentication abilities which makes it great and easy to use. Since the medical staff needs to get the most out of a computer this would be the one for them. A really cool feature of this laptop is that you can touch the touchscreen wearing gloves so it would also save on waste of gloves in the medical industry.

Post 2: I am choosing Engineering or Technology Business because that is the field I will be going into. In engineering or any technology business you will need components on the higher end scale. To run the programs you will need a higher grade graphics card and a faster CPU. The CPU needs to be one of the newest at the time. I always like Intel so I would go with the i7 or i9 9900. For the graphics card I like to use Nvidia over AMD. I would go with the newest and best GPU for running the programs to ensure they run perfectly and so we wont have to upgrade as often. I would get the Nvidia 2080ti, the best of the best at the moment. You will also want at least 16gb of RAM installed in the systems to ensure the PC will handle everything with speed. You want the RAM to be on the faster end as well, I would go with 3400MHz.

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