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Check the new project and let me know if you can do it. Attached is the material and i assueme 3-4 pages will be ok .

As a synthesis of all prior steps in this project, you will now develop and submit the first component of your deliverable to your CISO: the Cyber Operations and Risk Management Briefing. The briefing will consist of a written evaluation and video presentation. Each team member should develop his or her own briefing, and submit independently. You may, however, use your team’s discussion area to share your findings with your peers. Refer to the CISO Deliverable Overview for a full list of requirements for the briefing.

Research and evaluate the maintenance requirements for each option identified in the software development matrix you submitted in the previous step. What resources and processes are required for each option? You should also address the schedule to implement the recommended software and identify any potential impacts to the mission, any vulnerabilities or risks, and the likelihood of success.

Your video presentation should brief organizational stakeholders on your research, evaluation of alternatives, and recommendations.

Submit your briefing for review and feedback.

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