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1. Review the Opening Vignette: 3.1 “Targeting Tax Fraud with Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing” from Chapter 3, Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Science: A Managerial Perspective. Reflect on the advantage the IRS and U.S. state government’s can gain from implementing a data warehouse? Would you have used a traditional information system (e.g. operational/transactional system) instead of a data warehouse to solve the IRS and U.S state government’s problem? Explain why. In addition, how can other companies apply similar solutions to the same problem? Can these other companies apply the same business intelligence solution for their advantage or disadvantage? each answer should not be more than 2-3 sentences. All answer separately please.

2. The company’s data is spread across multiple independent database silos making it difficult to aggregate, reconcile, and facilitate the decision-making process in the organization. The company needs to ensure that everyone in the organization speaks the same business language and agrees on a standard definition of data terms in order to find a ‘Single Version of the Truth to drive to the right conclusion’. To overcome these challenges, the company made the decision to implement a BI solution. As a recently hired BI Manager in the company, you are tasked to lead and oversee the creation of the BI solution. Prepare 5 to 6 slide Power Point presentation that includes the following:

  • Your proposed High-level IS Architecture Diagram of Steel Wheels’ BI solution
  • A description of each component in this Architecture.

Your High-level IS Architecture diagram should look similar to the diagram found on page 138 or slide #13 from Chapter 3 of Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Science: A Managerial Perspective. Create your own diagram and be as creative as you want in your presentation! Also, on page 138 you will find the definitions of the components of High-Level IS Architecture for your reference. You may consider as well new trends like Big Data, Event-Processing, and On-Demand Delivery as part of the company’s BI Architecture. Before you start with the assignment, please read the company overview PowerPoint presentation (Steel-Wheels-Overview.pptx). The company is a fictitious company made up for this class. Throughout this class, we will complete case studies and solve problems for the company. Please make sure to first read and review the company’s overview so that you get familiarized with the company.

👉 You have to write a brief for each slide for voice over presentation. (with examples to understand better, if needed)


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