project 3 9

Create an analysis of ethical and legal issues in the Electropic LLC case.

Vice President Dodger has asked you to write a memo with your recommendations on how human resources should handle this issue. June has a record of excellence with Electropic LLC, and her superiors would be unhappy to lose her; however, ethical practice and the law must be considered here as well.

“In Project 3. You MUST use the Badaracco framework. Use the Badaracco material in the classroom resources, not from elsewhere. After reviewing all the material, take Badaracco’s ethical analysis and address his four questions and his three tests. The questions should be applied to different possible situations. For example, the company could terminate June, could allow her to keep her promotion, or could demote her but allow her to keep a job of some kind. So, the important thing is to do the complete analysis and particularly not jump to an early conclusion. I am not interested in what your common sense says – I am interested in the analysis of the questions and tests that Badaracco raises as applied to different factual patterns. So you would go through each question one by one. Good luck.

-Professor G.”

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