project plan my college career on pages t11 19 amp 20 1

Project Plan My College Career Your best friend, Paul Bauer, is simply brilliant. He has aced all of his courses since he started college while working full time and heading three committees. Paul comes to you completely distraught. He has somehow missed one of his graduation requirements and needs to attend summer school. You are very concerned as Paul is a diligent student and if he could misunderstand his graduation requirements then there is a chance you could have done the same. You want to make sure you are on track to graduation and decide that a Gantt chart is the perfect tool to help you succeed. Rev. Confirming Pages T11-20 * Plug-In T11 Creating Gantt Charts with Excel and Microsoft Project baL6732X_pluginT11_001-021.indd T11-20 01/05/17 03:07 PM Project Focus You have many requirements (milestones) to meet before you can graduate from your current college. Create a Gantt chart in Microsoft Project or Microsoft Excel that takes you from your freshman year to graduation in your senior year. Be sure your Gantt chart includes all of the following: 1. Each course you must take to graduate. 2. The time frames required to complete each course. 3. Any resources required to complete each course (you are the primary resource).

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