provide 2 comments on the 2 research papers attached amp responses to others comments on my research attached later

1) Please find my research attached.

2) Please read the 2 research papers by end of day Thursday. Dennis, Rachel attached.

Remember . . .

In lieu of class presentations:

I would like a dialog (conducted Friday through Sunday) on each of these research papers. In these dialogs, I would like to see you linking what we’ve learned in the class to the research in each paper and, if appropriate, pointing out research findings which may differ from or support our class readings (including topic summaries).

Here are the required postings:

1) Each author will respond to an instructor-posted question and, as the expert on the paper, student posted comments (assigned below). Instructor will be available to help as necessary on these dialogs.

2) In addition to covering the dialog on your paper, you must post at least once on two other papers. For example, Dennis covers the discussion on his research (i.e. responding to required posts submitted by other students; with my assistance as needed) and posts comments on Abdulelah’s and Walid’s research.

Below are the assignments for student comments (to ensure all research gets discussed). Safety tip: if everyone waits until Sunday to start posting, there will not be enough time to complete the assignment.

Author: Comments

Yasser: Dennis, Rachel

Checklist for minimum required posts:

As research author: _____ Instructor Question

_____ Response to #1 Student Comment

_____ Response to #2 Student Comment

Student commentators: ______ Comments on assigned Paper #1

______ Comments on assigned Paper #2

Any comments beyond the minimum requirements established above will be tallied for extra credit.

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