psychology discussion on stress lifestyle and health

After reading the chapter and the article (Links to an external site.) on stress management, please answer the following questions:

All questions should be answered with 5-8 sentences with details and examples if needed!!!

1. When reading about the different factors (race, gender, income level, etc) in the chapter, how did it help you understand you and the stress you experience?

2. How do you usually respond to stress? Do you experience stress more on a physical level or emotional level or equally both? Be specific (and appropriate).

3. How do you usually manage (or lack thereof) your stress? Do you do anything the article suggested? If not, which ones do you think you can realistically or would like to do?

A. Formulate ONE question based on the article.

Respond to this question with 5-8 sentences

1. When you are stressed, do you practice S.E.L.F care to keep yourself calm? If not, what coping mechanism do you use?

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