read and review a poem

As far as what I expect for this assignment, I want you to read the poem carefully and then write no less than two double spaced pages about it. These comments need to focus on how the poem is using the elements of poetry we talked about (compression, music, image, form, metaphor) to make good creative writing (remember: specific, clear, active). Be generous in your criticism: try to understand what the writer is trying to do with the poem even if its not what you would do. But, at the same time, don’t just do praise either: we’re all trying to get better as writers and we can’t do that without critique. Basically, generosity, kindness and attention are the name of the game here. Doing all that will land you an A. Doing less than that, as in (including but not limited to) falling under the length requirements, only praising and not critiquing, being cruel in your comments, or not anchoring your discussion in specifics about the elements of poetry, will lose you points.

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