real state assignment

In this assignment, you will add a logical test, conditional formatting, and tables to an Excel spreadsheet. You can look at a sample to get an idea of what you’ll be creating.

  1. Download the Real Estate file. This contains listing and sale information for the employees in your imaginary office.
  2. Insert two columns, one to the right of EACH Sales Agent column. Type the heading Bonus for both of these new columns.
  3. Create a logical test so that for each Sales Price, the correct amount listed below displays in the Bonus column:
    • $299,999 and under, bonus is $1,500.
    • $300,000 to $599,999, bonus is $3,000.
    • $600,000 and over, bonus is $5,000.

Hint: Setting up the initial formula is tough, but once you get it, copy it over to the other Bonus cells.

  1. Use conditional formatting to differentiate the cells with each of the bonus values (e.g. one color for $1,500, another for $3,000 and a third color for $5,000.
  2. Create two tables, one for Condos and one for Single Family homes.
    • Sort the data by sales price.
    • Format each table so they can be easily differentiated.
  3. Create a title for this worksheet.
    • In cell A1, type the name for this real estate business.
    • In cell A2, type Bonuses for 2009.
    • Merge and center the title across columns A:R.
  4. Format your spreadsheet. Use formatting that makes your information easy to read and understand. Consider font size and style, background colors, cell format (i.e. currency), table borders, etc.

Save your file as an Excel Workbook (.xlsx)
Include the term RealEstate and your First Name when saving your file. Example: RealEstate_David.xlsx
Upload your completed document using the Browse button, and then click the Submit button.

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