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This week focuses on historical foundations of education in the United States. Do you think federal government involvement in education is beneficial? Why or why not? Explain and provide rationale to support your response.

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There are multiple ways to look at the question but I will answer it solely from my perspective. The involvement of the federal government can be beneficial. When there is order I believe that is a good foundation to thrive. In other words the federal government helps to establish standards and regulations to cover education in its entirety. The lack of those things being in place could create a lot of chaos within the education system. Not only that but the students would also suffer due to no expectations of the teachers so they can hold the students accountable to their state standards. The federal government provides direction and support so high quality education can continually be granted. There is also an evaluation component that is important so the government covers that as well to meet the diverse needs of individuals in public schools, private, and home schools. The proper preparation of students for higher education is also vital and that goes back to the standards being met so they will be able to thrive in the future.

Another point. Imagine a student who has to make multiple transitions during their schooling moving place to place. Having standards can be helpful for them to have a smoother transition to a new school if that school abides by the same standards as their previous school.


I think that there are both pros and cons to having the Federal Government involved in our education. Here are some of the pros of having the federal government involved in our educational system: With the Federal government involved in education students and parents would gain a better understanding of what they should expect in regards to their education, because everyone would be on the same page including teachers, parents, and students. Also it would guarantee that the American educational system would be able to follow International benchmark making America as successful as other Countries educational systems. This might not guarantee results but it would teach the next generation to be more competitive in a global environment. Here are some of the cons of having the federal government involved in our educational system: it would add another level of bureaucracy to the educational system and there would be no guarantee that the benchmark results would be any better. It could also reduce the quality of education for some of the students. I am the mother of a special needs child and in my own opinion the involvement of the federal government could also reduce the help for students with special needs. According to up to 60% of the students in some under-performing school districts in the United States have an identified learning issue . This means that holding all school to the same standards will create funding issues for the school districts that must create more IEPs and implement other forms of teaching that fall outside of the standardized method.

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