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The sourcing plan should include a comprehensive SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, traditionally used to guide plan implementers toward defining objectives. A SWOT analysis helps identify potential roadblocks (weaknesses and threats) and prepares the way for dealing with them through organizational strengths. It can also identify potential opportunities that help to implement the plan strategy. In the strategic sourcing plan, it is important to identify roadblock conditions since they invariably affect meeting key objectives.

Now that you understand this material, create a SWOT analysis for your sourcing plan. Use the previous elements to help you. Remember, think broad as well as looking at specifics regarding global sourcing. Also, make sure you review internal and external issues and characteristics. Lastly, review previous elements to help gain more insight.

Your write up should 2-3 pages and in APA format (Title page isn’t needed. References should be added if necessary). Make sure that you create an actual diagram of your SWOT analysis. There are different formats that exist. You are encourage to use any type of format you desire.

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