research paper on the dominican republic 1

(will check turnitin for originality)

The research paper should be done on the Dominican Republic; I’ve attached the Format of the paper

Part I: Information about country

For part I of the paper, you will research a number of questions on your chosen country. You must include a citation in MLA format for each response including the direct URL.

Part I is worth 50 pts. Each answer is worth 2 points. You will receive 1 point for each answer and 1 point for each source URL. The URL must be complete. Providing the complete URL enables the instructor to click on the link and verify the accuracy of both the answer and the citation.

Part II: Evaluation of current status of country

For part II of the paper, you will answer four research questions about your country of choice. For each question, you must write a minimum of a two paragraph analysis in narrative form.

Part II is worth 50 pts. Each answer is worth 12.5 points. An in-depth critical analysis of your country’s information is necessary to earn all possible points. You must also cite the sources used in MLA format.

Part II of the paper should be written with headings in narrative form. The writing analysis is worth an additional 10 points. The writing analysis will include: proper use of thesis statements, paragraph and sentence structure. Proper utilization of grammar, including punctuation, spelling, subject, and verb usage will be analyzed. In order to earn all 10 points, the writing should be error free.


A bibliography in MLA format must also be included. Each source used in the research paper should be included in the bibliography. The bibliography is worth 4 points. Criteria include credibility and date of the resources along with proper citation and bibliography format.

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